Xuejia Lai

Xuejia Lai

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Prof. Dr. Xuejia Lai

received his B.Sc. in El. Ing. in 1982 and M.Sc. Math. in 1984 at the Xidian Univ. of Xi'an, China. He received a M.Sc. in Communication Theory in 1988 and his Ph.D. of sc. techn in 1992 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

He is professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University since 2004. His work has been concentrated in cryptography and PKI during the past 20 years, especially in the design and analysis of practical cryptosystems (including block ciphers and stream ciphers), differential cryptanalysis of block ciphers, and analysis and hash functions. He is co-inventor (together with Prof. J. L. Massey) of the IDEA cipher. In 1994, he joined r³ security engineering ag which became Entrust Technologies Switzerland since June 1998. He was senior consultant and technical director of S.W.I.S. GROUP, Switzerland since 2001. He took part in the design of algorithms for Eurochip in the Value-card used by European Banks. He was editor of 3 ISO IT-security standards. He has published a book "On the Design and Security of Block Ciphers" (Hartung-Gorre Verlag, 1992) and more than 40 papers. He has been evaluating, analysing, and improving several ciphers for several international companies and organisations, and involved in the European project KRISIS, ICE-CAR and PKI Challenge. He is honorary professor at the Graduate School of University of Science and Technology of China, advisor professor of Southwest Jiaotong University and standing director of China cryptologic society.